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  An Analysis of Li Yang’s Crazy English

  2009届学生毕业设计(论文)情况一览系(院)名称:外语系 专业学生姓名题 目 名 称   英语05-1 浅析情 感词汇在英国文学作品中的应用

  An Analysis of the Usage of the Emotion-loaded Words in British Literatures英语05-1 从咖啡 和茶文化中看中英方的文化价值观 An Outlook of the Cultural Values between China and Britain from the Culture of Coffee and Tea英语05-1 影视作 品里战争的真实还原 ―赏析影片


  A Real War on The Silver Screen―

  ‘Saving Private Ryan’ 英语05-1 粤语对 英语发音学习的影响及其对策探究

  On the Influence of Cantonesee Dialect on English Pronunciation Learning and Strategies 英语05-1 《新编英语教程》中常用 修辞方法的应用

  The Application of the RhetoricalDevices in A New English Course英语05-1 浅析中 国公司英文网站英译失误现象

  An Analysis of Translation Inadequacies in English Version of Chinese Companies' Website Texts英语05-1 桂林招 牌双语翻译的调查与分析

  A Survey and Analysis of Signboard Translation in Guilin英语05-1 浅析《傲慢与偏见》中 “乌托邦”式的婚姻 A Brief Analysis of “Utopian” Marriage in Pride and Prejudice英语05-1 浅析现 代教育技术背景下的外贸英语函电教学

  A Brief Analysis on the Teaching of the Business English Correspondence Course with the Application of Modern Educational Techniques英语05-1 经济新 闻标题在英语报刊中的运用及分析 The Use and Analysis of English Economic News Headlines in the Press 英语05-1 商务英 语信函中委婉语的语用特征及其翻译 On the Pragmatic Functions and Translation of Euphemism in English Business Letter英语05-1 英语谚 语的隐喻性特征及其汉译

  The Metaphorization of the English Proverbs and Their Translation英语05-1 经贸英 语教学中如何平衡经贸知识与语言知识

  On balancing of business knowledge and language knowledge in business English teaching and learning 英语05-1 浅析蓝调歌曲的翻译

  A Study on the Translation of Blues英语05-1 《白鲸》与莎士 比亚四大悲剧的互文性研究

  The Intertextuality Study on Moby Dick and Four Great Tragedies of Shakespeare英语05-1 从影片 阿甘正传看美国家庭教育

  Family Education in the United States: A Case Study of Forrest Gump英语05-1 中国人 选取英文名字的分析

  An Analysis of Chinese People's Choices of English Names

  英语05-1 论社会 底层人物的浪漫情怀――以雨果作品为例

  On the romantic feeling of the characters at the bottom of society------ illustrated by the example of Hugo英语05-1 从语言 层次理论分析报刊英语的特点

  An Analysis of the features of Newspaper English from the perspective of Language Layers英语05-1 浅析中 国特色产品的英文翻译

  An Analysis of the English Translation of Chinese Speciality英语05-1 浅析惠 特曼诗歌中的政治思想及对五四运动时期的文学影响

  An Analysis of Political Ideas in Leaves of Grass and Whitman's Influence on the Literature of May 4th Movement 英语05-1  简∙奥斯丁《傲慢与偏见》中的女性主义探究

  A Study of Feminism in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice英语05-1  英语中 女性语言的特点探析

  An Analysis of the Characteristics of Women’s Language in English英语05-1 浅析英 美文化中的称谓语

  An Analysis of the Appellation in English and American culture英语05-1 试论斯 佳丽与梅吉的家园意识

  An Analysis of Scarlett and Meggie’s Home Consciousness英语05-1 从牛虻 和保尔的性格对比看牛虻的悲剧性格

  Character tragedy of Gadfly in comparison with Pau英语05-1 浅析汉语成语的英译

  On How to Translate Chinese Idioms英语05-1 委婉语 在国际商务谈判中语用交际功能和实现手法探析

  The Application of Pragmatic Functions of Euphemism in International Business Negotiations英语05-1 从单一 性到多元化杰克伦敦及其作品在中国的研究综述

  From Singleness to Diversity ― A Review of Researches on Jack London and His Works in China英语05-1 《傲慢与偏见》-简.奥斯丁婚姻观的缩影

  Pride and Prejudice----An Epitome of Jane Austen's Views on Marriage英语05-1 不公平的两性语言---浅谈英 语语言中的性别歧视现象

  Unfair Gender Language――an Analysis of the Sexual Discrimination in the English Language英语05-1 浅析非 语言交际在国际商务礼仪中的应用

  On the Application of Nonverbal Communication in International Business Etiquette 英语05-1 从《呼啸山庄》谈爱恨情感观

  Love and hatred in Wuthering Heights英语05-1 浅论广 告英语中的修辞特点

  On Rhetorical Characteristics of Advertising English英语05-1 从功能 目的论浅析我国食品包装上文字说明的英译

  On English Translation of the Description on Food Package From the Perspective of Skopostheorie英语05-1 浅析中 西文化差异与商务英语翻译技巧

  A Simple Analysis on Sino-western Cultural Differences and Translation Techniques in Business English英语05-1 大学生 跨文化交际能力现状调查分析

  Research on the Status Quo of College Students’ Intercultural Communication Competence英语05-1 《美国悲剧》悲剧结局的必然性

  On the inevitability of the Tragedy End in an American Tragedy英语05-1 论英文 旅游网站的对象性编译策略

  On the Reader-friendly of Translating and Editing Tactics for English Tourism Websites英语05-1 从英国 俚语与美国俚语看英美社会文化异同

  The Differences and Similarities between the British Culture and the American Culture as Reflected in Slang英语05-1 由英日 语外来语看文化交流

  Cultural Exchange Based on English and Japanese Loan-Words英语05-2 《月亮与六便士》中社会 现实与个人价值的冲突

  The Conflicts between Social Reality and Individual Value in the Moon and Sixpence英语05-2 浅析外 贸英语函电的特点及其翻译的得体性

  On the Features and Appropriate Translation in Business English Correspondence英语05-2 英语专 业学习者语音学习策略探微-以桂工为例

  A Brief Study of Pronunciation Learning Strategies for English Majors-Taking English Majors of GUT for example英语05-2 浅析专有名词的音译

  An Analysis of Transliteration of Proper Nouns英语05-2 我院大 学英语选修课课选课情况调查分析

  Investigation on College

  English Selective Courses in Guilin Univesity of Technology 英语05-2 跨文化 语境下中国英语中经济词汇的翻译 On the Translation of Economic Terms in China English英语05-2 大学生 自主性学习与跨文化交际能力的培养

  On College Students Autonomous Learning and the Cultivation of Intercultural Communicative Competence英语05-2 论英语 视听说课程中人文素质的培养

  On the Cultivation of the Students’ Humanistic Quality in the English Audio-Visual and Speaking Course英语05-2 桂柳方 言对英语语音学习的负迁移

  On the Negative Transfer of Gui-Liu Tongue on The Learning of English Pronouciation 英语05-2 试谈任 务型翻译教学法

  On task-based translation teaching英语05-2 缩略语 在经贸英语中的运用及翻译

  The Application and Translation of Abbreviation in Business English英语05-2 化妆品 品牌翻译的美学初探

  A Rearch of Aesthetics in Translation of Cosmetic Brand Names英语05-2 网络缩 略语的变异特点探析

  A Probe Study of the Variation Features of Internet Abbreviation英语05-2 影响英 语听力理解的主要障碍及对策--以桂林 工学院英语专业为例

  Main Obstacles to Listening Comprehension and the Countermeasures--Taking English Majors of GUT for Example英语05-2 浅析外 语导游应具备的专业素养

  On English Tour-guides’ Professional Quality英语05-2 桂林市 传统建筑及其翻译 A Probe to Strategies of Translating the Traditional Architecture of Guilin 英语05-2 英国湖 畔诗歌于中国山水田园诗歌文体风格的对比分析

  A Stylistic Contrastive Study on British Lake Poetry and Chinese Pastoral Poetry英语05-2 从跨文 化角度看社交称谓的翻译

  On the translation of Chinese and English social appellations from the perspective of inter-culture英语05-2 跨文化 交际中的体态语研究

  Reaseach on Body Language in Intercultural Communication英语05-2 浅谈哈克贝利•芬和霍尔顿的出逃

  On the Escape of Huckleberry Finn and Holden英语05-2 目的论 在商务文本翻译中的应用

  The Application of Skopos Theory in Translation of Business English Texts英语05-2 英语专 业学生口译短期记忆现状分析 ---以桂林工学院为例

  An Analysis of English Majors' Short-term Memory in Interpreting--- Take Guilin University of Technology for Example英语05-2 国外汽 车商标词的文化剖析及汉译

  On the Cultural Connotation and Chinese Translation Of Foreign Automobile Brand Names英语05-2 从文体 学的词汇和文化差异角度看经贸英语的翻译

  The Application of Stylistics in Translation of Business English---- From the Prespectives of Vocabulary and Cultural Differences英语05-2 浅析英 语报刊标题的修辞特点

  A Simple Analysis on the Rhetoric Features of English Headlines英语05-2  浅析中 英语婚礼习俗的差异

  A Brief Study on the Marriage in China and U.K 英语05-2 论交际 法在大学英语语法教学中的应用

  The Application of Communicative Approach in College English Grammar Teaching英语05-2 模糊语 言在广告语中的运用分析及翻译

  An analysis of Fuzzy Language in Advertisements and the Translation英语05-2 掌握少儿心理特点,, and the Problems in the Translation of China's Tourist Publicity 英语05-3 从民族 心理差异的角度看商标翻译

  A Brief Analysis of Trademark Translation from the Perspective of Ethnic psychology Difference英语05-3 论电影 名翻译中文化意向的缺失与歪曲及其解决策略

  On the Loss and Distortion of Cultural Image in Movie Title Translation and Solving Strategies 英语05-3 母语正 负迁移在大学英语教学中的应用

  Positive and Negative Transfer of Mother Tongue in College English Teaching英语05-3 秘书的体态语

  On Sccretaries' Body Language英语05-3 英文歌 曲歌词中的文化隐喻分析

  An Analysis of the Cultural Metaphor in the Lyrics of English Songs英语05-3 涉外经 济合同中衔接手段的研究

  The Study of Cohesion in Foreign Economic Contract英语05-3 论图式 理论在英语阅读理解中的作用

  The Use of Schema Theory in English Reading Comprehension 英语05-3 多媒体 语言试验室里英语语言教学的反思---以桂林工学院为例

  A Reflection on the English Teaching and Learning in the Multimedia Language Labs--- Taking GUT as an Example英语05-3 提高经 贸英语阅读能力的策略和技巧 The Countermeasures of Improving the Reading Ability in Foreign Trade English 英语05-3 伊丽莎 白一世的外交政策对当时英国经济的影响

  The Impact of Elizabeth I's Foreign Policies on the U.K.Economy英语05-3 浅析中 西慈善文化的差异性

  The Charity Difference between Chinese and Western Culture英语05-3 英文报 刊中的经贸新闻的阅读技巧――以China Daily为例

  The Reading Skills of Business English News ―In the case of China Daily 英语05-3 浅谈俚 语对英语学习的重要性

  An Analysis of the Importance of Slang to English Learning英语05-3 浅谈经 贸英语的语言特点

  A Brief Analysis of Linguistic Features of Business English英语05-3 浅谈20世纪60年代英 国青年文化及其影响

  A Brief Discussion on British Youth in 1960s and Its Influence英语05-3 在英语 口语课程中培养大学生跨文化交际能力―以桂林 工学院经贸英语专业学生为例

  The Cultivation of College Students’ Intercultural Communicative Competence in Oral English Course---Taking the English Majors Grade 2005 of Guilin University of Technology for an Example英语05-3 笔记在 商务英语口译中的应用技巧

  The Techniques of Note-taking in Business English Interpretation英语05-3 外事口 译中模糊语言的功能及处理策略

  Functions and Strategies of Vague Language in Foreign-affair Interpretation英语05-3 中英习 语中基本颜色词对比分析

  A Contrast Analysis of the Basic “Color Terms” in Chinese and English Idioms英语05-3 美国黑 人英语的特征及其社会文化影响

  On the Features and Cultural Influences of African American Vernacular English英语05-3 顺应性 理论在英文商务电子邮件中的应用

  The Adaptability Theory in Foreign Trade Business E-mails 英语05-3 功能翻 译理论指导下的电影名称翻译

  Functional Approach in Movie Title Translation英语05-3 比较分 析英国绅士与中国君子

  A Comparative Analysis of Britain’s Gentleman and China’s “Junzi”英语05-3 商务英 语中模糊语的语用分析

  Pragmatic Analysis of Vague Language in Business English英语05-3 大学英 语写作能力的培养-以英语日记为例

  On development of college English writing ability―Taking diary for example 英语05-3 英语专 业学生外贸英语函电写作现状分析---以桂林工学院为例 An Analysis of English Majors’ Business English Correspondence Writing----Take Guilin University of Technology for Example英语05-3 外贸英 语函电中模糊语的语用功能及应用策略 On the Pragmatic Functions and Applications of Vague Language in English Business Correspondence 英语05-3 中西时空观对比研究

  The Contrast of the Concept of Time and Space between China and Western Countries英语05-3 从文化 角度看商业广告英语的翻译

  A study of Business Advertising Translation in thePerceptive of Culture英语05-3 浅析美 国英语与英国英语词汇差异的表现及其成因

  An Analysis of the Differences between the Vocabularies of American English and British English英语05-3 为生存 还是为主宰而战---《野性的呼唤》所反映 的杰克伦敦对生活态度的研究

  For Survival or for Domination____On the Attitude Towards Life of Jack London Reflected in The Call of the Wild 英语05-3 桂林市 道路交通公示语错译现象的调查分析

  A Survey on the Translation Errors of the Road and Traffic Signs in Guilin英语05-3 利用英 语学习网站提高大学生的英语综合能力

  Utilizing English Learning Websites to Improve the English Comprehensive Ability of College Students-Taking Putclub for Example英语05-3 浅议中 式英语的类型与避免中式英语的对策

  An Analysis on Types of Chinglish and Tactics of Avoiding Chinglish英语05-3 从矛盾 修饰法角度赏析《罗密欧与朱丽叶》的美学意义

  An Analysis of the Aethetic Value of Romeo and Juliet from the Perspective of Oxymoron 英语05-3 浅析李阳“疯狂英语”学习法的利弊

  An Analysis of Li Yang’s Crazy English

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