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否则我 们就无法取得更大的进步.

2001年Translation the following Chinese into English. (10 points)
66、他想成为一名宇航员,献身于 太空科学的研究.
He wants to become an astronaut and devote himself to the study of space science.
难点:宇航员astronaut: a person who travels in spacecraft.
Devote: to set apart for; give completely to把------专注于;把-------奉献给
(考察:短语devote oneself to )
67、他尽自 己最大的努力以赶上班上的同学.
He tries his best to catch up with his classmates.
(考察:短语try oners best to do; catch up with )
68、除了英语外,我们还 须学习第二门外国语.
Besides English, we have to learn a second language.
(考察:besides )
69、他们已 经答应对这个问题进行调查.
They have promised to look into the matter.
(考察:答应promise to do=agree to do 调查look into =investigate )
70、她直到 她妈妈回来才上床睡觉.
She didnrt go to bed until her mother came back.
2001年的汉 译英主要考察对某个词组或者固定搭配的用法,另外注意时态.
2002年Translation the following Chinese into English. (10 points)
66、2008年奥运 会将在北京举行.
2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing.
67、我想知 道他是否能看英文小说.
I wonder whether he can read English novels.
(考察:想知道wonder:=want to know(why); would like to know; 小说novel=a long written story; fiction)
68、你和同 学相处得怎么样?
How are you getting along with your classmates/students.
69、他一生 致力于环境的改善.
He devoted all his life to improving the environment.
70、我们有 必要了解一些英语国家和中国的文化差异.
It is necessary for us to know/understand some culture differences between some English countries and China.
(考察:形式主语it引导句子it is necessary for sb to do )
(2002年,专升本 考试只是停留在对固定搭配的掌握上,没有多少难度)
2003年Translation the following Chinese into English. (10 points)
66、学生们 对计算机非常感兴趣.
Students are very interested in computer.
67、大学生 学好英语是很重要的.
(复合人 称主语变成形式主语形式it is important for sb to do)
It is very important for university/college students to learn English well.
68、汤姆直 到做完作业后才看电视.
Tom didnrt watch TV until he finished his homework.
(2001年70个题目考过,注意一点:not ---until时态用一般过去时)
69、我的英 语老师总是对我应该如何学好英语提出一些建议.
My English teacher always gives me some advice on how to learn English well.
(advise on提供专业性建议advice(u) opinion given to someone about what they should do in a particular situation; suggestion[c]something suggested;(that))
The harder you practice, the greater progress you will make.
(比较级:the more---the more; progress不可数;将来时态;hard刻苦)
(2003年的翻 译开始趋向于句子的复杂性过度,表现在时态的多变性.)
2004年Translation the following Chinese into English. (10 points)
56、我们希 望您能接受我们的邀请,并盼望 在北京与你会面.
We hope that you could accept our invitation and look forward to meeting you in Beijing.
57、就他的经验而言,他并不 十分适合这个职位.
As to his experience, he is not very suitable for this job.
(考察:就------而言as to; be suitable for sth/to sb; sb fits for sth)
58、长城是 中华民族的象征,是世界七大奇迹之一.
The Great Wall is the symbol of the Chinese Nation, and it is one of the seven great wonders in the world.
难点:世界七大奇迹/观59、保护自 然环境不受污染是人类的责任.
Itrs human beingsr responsibility to prevent/protect natural environment from being polluted.
It the weather permits, we are going to set out tomorrow morning.
(2004年考察难度加大,主要表 现在专有名词词汇量加大.)
2005年Translation the following Chinese into English. (10 points)
76、据估计已经有1000多万人 从这项工程中获益.
It is estimated that more than 10 million people had benefited from this project.
77、如果你想获得成功,除了努 力工作以外别无选择.
There is no choice/alternative but hard work if you want to be successful/succeed.
78、我们应 该勇敢地面对遇到的任何困难,否则我 们就无法取得更大的进步.
We will not make greater progress/development unless we face up any difficulties bravely.
79、她把所 有的闲暇时间都用来学习英语,目的就 是尽快适应国外的生活.
She spends all her spare业余/free空闲 time learning English to/in order to get her accustomed to living in foreign country.
80、尽管警 察怀疑这名年轻人,但还没 有足够证据证明他就是罪犯.
Although this young man is under suspicion, there is no proof to show that he is the criminal.
(be doubtful/suspicious of)
(2005年考试 已经开始注重句子之间的关联性)
2006年Translation the following Chinese into English. (10 points)
61、我代表 公司对你所做的一切向你表示感谢.
On behalf of our company, thank you very much for what you have done.
(考察:代表on behalf of)
62、高昂的 学费使一些贫穷的学生不能进入大学.
High expenses费用(复数) /tuition(不可数)/ tuition fees(复数) keep some poor students off the university.
Some poor students cannot enter university because of the high tuition.
63、我们最 关心的是那个城市的饮用水的质量.
What we are concerned most is the quality of the drinking water in the city.
64、鉴于 *** 在解决 失业问题上效果不佳,他们在 选举中获胜的机会似乎不大.
Seeing that the government made a poor effect in solving the problem of unemployment, there is little chance for them to win the voters.
难点:鉴于seeing that/ in view of,效果不佳
65、在我们作出决定前,必须确 定我们已经将所有有关因素考虑进去了.
Make sure that we have thought over all the factors before making a decision.
(be sure/certain,但是sure用于人,不用于物;考虑think over=consider)
(2006年考试难度加大,问题在 于句式不再是单一的简单句,而是存 在某种联系的复杂句,因此需要多加考虑,特别是定状补的位置.)
2007年Translation the following Chinese into English. (10 points)
61、是我们 自己的所为和所不为决定着我们的未来.
Our future depends on what we ourselves should do or not do.
62、他要是 知道她的电话的话,就用不 着费那么多事儿了.
It would not take a lot of trouble if he knew her telephone number.
63、比尔-盖茨是 世界上最富裕的人,没有他买不起的东西.
Bill Gates is the riches man in the world and he can afford anything.
He can speak French, German, Spanish and English as well.
(not to mention; without mention; to say nothing of)
65、我仍然记得20年前我 第一次遇见我的老师的情景.
I still remember the scenery that I met my teacher first twenty years ago.
(2007年难度增大,表现在 对于一些小词的把握上)
2008年Translation the following Chinese into English. (10 points)
61、通常一 顿西餐可能包括汤、鱼、肉和甜点,也许还 会有水果和奶酪.
Generally a Western-style food may have soup,, fish, meat and dessert, and perhaps fruit and cheese.
62、要达到 他们想去的地方,人们需 要运用他们的感官,尤其是眼睛.
To reach where they want to go, people need to use their sense organs, especially the eyes.
To reach the place where they want,杭州翻译公司, people need to use their sense gangs, especially eyes.
63、西方流 传最广的迷信之一是,人走在 梯子下面是不吉利的.
One of the most popular superstition in the western world is that it is not lucky to walk under a ladder.
It is useless to complain all the time.
Reading makes people comprehensive while writing makes people precise.
也可以这样翻译:Reading makes a full man, writing an exact man.此句话未弗朗西斯-培根的原话.所以翻 译没有完全的定论,关键是 首先让读者明白你翻译的内容,然后再 去讲究翻译的艺术性.
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